Zuri House is a small, creative studio based in London. It was born out of the belief that the products that surround us have direct influence over our well-being and emotions.

We create home accessories for both grown ups and the little ones. Our intention is to make sure that these items bring warmth, comfort and positive, cosy ambience to the homes of our clients. But the external beauty is not everything – we also like to be practical and remember about the functional aspect of everything we have at our homes. When using our products you can be sure that they were created using the natural, high quality and eco-friendly materials and each item was individually made in Europe by one of the talented makers on our small Team.

We pride ourselves on our authentic, pure, ecologically clean and beautiful craft. We value the work of human hands and original ideas. We like to play with colours and experiment with materials. All our ideas come together under the roof of Zuri House, offering to our customers delightful products and a high quality of design and craft.


Zuri House was founded in 2016 by Ola Michalak and was the result of the lifelong passion for craftsmanship and interior design. She learnt to knit at the age of 7 and as a grown-up woman became an admirer of Scandinavian style – it exemplified everything she valued in home décor – minimalism, simple forms, modesty and intimacy.

Two life events contributed to the decision to combine these two passions into a career – arrival of the second child and moving to another country. While Ola was refurbishing and settling in the new house she started to create the things which apart from being decorations would help to organize the space, especially in the nursery. She was carefully selecting the natural and eco-friendly materials which would be safe but would also survive the test of time and intense use by young children playing. The house started to fill up with baskets, rugs, pouffes and pillows hand-knitted with thick, organic cotton cord– the first Zuri House collection.

Today Ola is focused mostly on designing and creating new items as well as providing advice on the interior design of children’s bedrooms and nurseries. Zuri House as a Team is a group of makers who are passionate about their work and putting their hearts and souls into each creation.

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